About Me

Welcome to my food blog. I’m a Sudanese-British passionate foodie at heart, a dentist by profession and a photography enthusiast. I create smiles for a living and hope to also put a smile on your face by sharing these recipes.

My style is all about simple, healthy, tasty comfort food with a twist, and expect traditional recipes with a modernist flair.

This blog is dedicated to my parents. My late father loved to dine out and try out different cuisine. He also taught me that if you eat well, you live well. I remember the first time he made me try carrot juice when I was a child, the sound of which I found revolting. Looking back now, for a man who came from an extremely deprived background, he developed such an exquisite and refined taste for food.

My mother taught me almost everything I know about cooking. She always made sure we ate well, she made real soul food, and I grew up in a kitchen which was oozing love for cooking and excitement for new recipes.

So this is how I developed my love for food and cooking which I would like to share with you.

Colour your palate. Colour your soul.


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