Rainbow Tuna Salad


This light meal is very quick and simple, perfect for those hectic busy days! Make sure you buy good quality sushi grade tuna for this recipe, it really does make a difference in taste.

Ingredients: Tuna steak. Lettuce. Purple cauliflower. Red & yellow cherry tomatoes. Green & brown olives. Horseradish. Red currants.

To cook the tuna, I suggest you use a griddle pan to create the grill markings on the tuna 🙂
Make sure the pan is very hot then cook for about a minute on each side. This will keep the inside of the tuna pink, however, if you like your tuna well done then cook for longer. Season with sea salt, black pepper and lemon juice.

For the salad, chop all the ingredients and mix together. Dress with olive oil, sea salt, apple cider vinegar & pomegranate molasses.  Simple. Nutritious. Yummy.


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