Thai Beef Salad

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Have you got some left over steak or roast beef from the day before? How about you use it to make this scrumptious salad, which could be a starter or a light dinner. I haven’t specified the exact amount of individual ingredients as it really depends on how big you want your salad to be. Don’t be afraid to freestyle!

Ingredients: Lambs lettuce. Coriander. Mint. Grapes. Tomatoes. Horseradish. Grapefruit. Beef steak slices. Lemongrass. Kaffir leaves. Red chillies. Mix of almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds & raisins.

Dressing: Sesame oil, apple cider vinegar & lime zest.

Mix all the ingredients together with the dressing and enjoy šŸ™‚


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