Steak au Boursin

Ingredients: Rib-eye steak. 1 Fennel bulb. Red & Yellow sweet mini peppers. Asparagus. Aubergines chopped. Boursin cheese. Butter. Sugar. Cider vinegar.

In an oven tray, lay out the asparagus, aubergines and peppers. Drizzle some oilve oil. Season with sea salt, black pepper & oregano flakes. Roast the asparagus for not more than 10 mins but the peppers may take longer. When done, mix all the veg together with some melted Boursin cheese in a warm frying pan.

To prepare the fennel, cut off the leafy fronds and save them for garnishing. Trim off the green shoot and chop up the white bulb of the fennel (that’s the part we’re using to cook). In a pan melt some butter and 1-2 tsp of sugar until it starts to foam. Then add the fennel and brown each side for 5 mins. Add some cider vinegar, cover with a lid and simmer for about 10 mins.

Cook the steak to your liking and season with sea salt and black pepper.

Serve the steak with the veg piled up on the side; fennel then asparagus then aubergines & peppers. Garnish with the leafy fronds.


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