Scrambled Eggs Salad

DSC_0004 2

For this meal the quantities of the ingredients are really down to your preference and how hungry you are! The secret to the flavour is in the salad dressing. You can find these lovely oils and vinegars from Vom Fass at Souk Madinat in Dubai.

Ingredients: Organic free range eggs. White Bulgarian sheep cheese. Cherry tomatoes (yellow & red). Horseradish. Fresh oregano. Hazelnut oil. Apple vinegar. Calamansi balsamic vinegar. 1 slice or Rye bread.

Cook the eggs with the Bulgarian cheese (scrambled style).

In a bowl, cut up the tomatoes into halves and the horseradish into thin slices. Toss a few oregano leaves. Pour equal amounts of hazelnut oil, apple vinegar and calamansi balsamic vinegar and mix the salad.

To serve, place the eggs on the toasted rye bread then toss the salad on top. Season with sea salt and pepper to taste.


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